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SAVE 500 ZEN РThink Ahead and Choose the Correct Skills Points

  • Select a Skill Points build from our build section, that you think will most benefit your game play at level 50 (the max level of STO).
  • Assign your skill points similarly, or to match, to minimize the possibility of having to respect at level 50.
  • Respec will cost you 500 ZEN!!

Don’t Loose Millions – Increase Your Bank Account

  • Free-To-Play accounts are limited to 10 million EC – any EC earned above this cap is lost forever.
  • Unlock the C-Store option to lift your Energy Credit cap to 1 Billion – click C-Store button on your mini-map and then select the Services tab on the pop-up screen.

Don’t Be Left Out of the Team

  • Join the Fleets’ Private Channel, giving you access to cross-faction (Federation & Brotherhood) fun, chat and group game play.
  • Join by typing the following in your UI chat box:¬†/channel_join Omega Primary Fleets

50 Dollars of Respec Tokens 

  • Gold for a Month – Buying Gold for one month can unlock bank slots and get 50 dollars of respec tokens while your leveling up.
  • (Tokens are earned as you level not after your 50 and buy a Gold Subscription)

Shared Account Banks

  • Unlock “Account Shared Bank Slots” in the C-Store Services tab, allowing you to trade EC and unbound items, between characters.

 Bought the wrong ship at level 40 

  • Buy a¬†Mirror Universe Ship¬†from the Exchange ‚Äď they are ¬†level 50 ships that you can fly at level 40.
  • Lifer‚Äôs (Life Time Subscribers)¬†DO NOT USE¬†your level 40 Ship Token. ¬†Save it for when you reach level 50 and use it to buy one of the¬†retrofit¬†ships at the Shipyard.


Character-Type General Characteristics and Leveling

Tactical (TAC) Toon 

  • In Space – Deals a great deal of damage and more damage than SCI and ENG.
  • On Ground – Weaker defensive-wise than SCI and ENG; ranged weapons and powers should mainly be used until game play familiarity is strengthened. ¬†The TAC toon is the ultimate challenge to become skilled at playing on ground STF’s.

Engineer (ENG) Toon

  • Space – Strong self-healing abilities, which includes the powerful Miracle Worker power that extends survival by instantly regenerating significant hull and shield points.
  • Ground – Strong defense and offense through mine kits, turrets, shield and medical generators.

Science (SCI) Toon

  • Space – Great debuff targeting skills and some of the more exotic powers in the game.
  • Ground – Super tanking (defensive) capabilities through the use of the Medic Kit that can heal self or other team members; some of the more exotic powers in the game.


Romulan Advantage

Three KDF Romulans

  • We suggest you create a KDF Romulan toon first, as they can make more Dilithium and EC than the other factions. ¬†More monies in less time allows you to buy better items and gear sooner, and that helps you gain a better understanding of game play mechanics for when you create toons of other factions and types.

Romulan Bridge Officers

  • Given the choice of which Romulan Bridge Officer to choose (awarded by completing story line missions or purchased from the Exchange), when possible always pick the ones with the Superior¬†Romulan Operative trait (this trait increases your CritH percentage the most). ¬†Hovering your mouse cursor over the Bridge Officer will bring up a list of their traits and powers. ¬†The trait you are looking for, if the NPC has it, should be listed 4 or 5 from the top.
  • Order in Value –¬†Tactical;¬†Engineer;¬†Science

Romulan Level 40 Ship

  • Buy a¬†Mirror Universe Dehlan¬†from the Exchange – a level 45 ship that your Romulan can fly at level 40.
  • Lifer’s (Life Time Subscribers) DO NOT USE your level 40 Ship Token. ¬†Save it for when you reach level 50 and use it to buy one of the retrofit¬†ships at the Shipyard.

Leveling A New Character

Look through the Builds section of our website and pick one that fits your character and game play style.  Adding skill points to the right skills from the get-go will:

  • Prevent you from having to respec (costs money) once you hit level 50.
  • Help you level faster because you can deal more damage, while staying alive longer.
  • When possible, use ships that can equip cannons – you will destroy the enemy faster.

 Accolade List

Bridge Officer’s

  • WARNING: Bridge Officers have traits for ground and space, do use to get the most out of your BOFFs.
  • Bridge Officer’s are not like different colored (white, green, blue, purple) gear/weapons – they work the same no matter their color if they have the same traits.
  • The difference between colored Bridge Officer’s are the rarity of skills and traits they come with.
  • Some rare skills are those that only ship Captains (your toon) can train.
  • You can find Bridge Officers on the exchange and use them to train your crew.
  • Other players’ Captains can train your Bridge Officer’s through the “Trade” function in the game – make sure your Bridge Officer is completely stripped of gear prior to trading.

Top Common Bridge Officer Powers
These powers are listed based on benefits to game play – improved defensive and offensive capabilities:
Note: Check DPS guide for more suggested abilities DPS GUIDE.

  • INTEL – Override Safeties
  • INTEL – Intelligence Team
  • TAC – Kemocite 1 & 2
  • TAC – Tactical Team – two copies / With ¬†Auxiliary To Battery one copy is a now enough.
  • ENG – Emergency Power to Weapons,¬†can help¬†¬†increases your DPS.
  • ENG – Emergency Power to shield – two copies¬†/ With ¬†Auxiliary To Battery one copy is a now enough.
  • ENG – Reverse Shield Polarity
  • SCI – Hazards
  • SCI – Polarize Hull
  • SCI – Transfer Shields
  • TAC – Beam Weapons – Beam Fire At Will
  • TAC – Cannons – Cannon Scatter Volley
  • ENG- Auxiliary to Battery


Duty Officer (DOFF) System 

  • Duty Officers are color coded like gear and items – white, green, blue and purple. ¬†As you progress through the game, you will discover a variety of way’s to earn rarer, higher quality DOFFs.
  • White duty officers are useful only for filling Fleet Holding’s Projects, and as a new player, for slotting DOFF missions (a mini game inside STO), since you will not have many green or better DOFFs to start with.
  • Slotting better quality DOFFs in DOFF missions will increase your chance of success per mission, as well as rewards earned.
  • Slot DOFFs in your “Active Space” and “Active Ground” roster to gain enhanced powers and abilities – blues and purples give the greatest enhancement.
  • Found in each star cluster and nebula (visible on your Galaxy Map) are Chain DOFF Missions. ¬†On completing the last mission in each chain, you will receive a free blue DOFF. ¬†Once each chain mission is completed, you can go back and look for a DOFF Colonization mission named “Support (name of the cluster or nebula). ¬†If you gain a critical success on mission completion, you will receive a powerful purple DOFF. ¬†The support missions can be run unlimited times, in each star cluster and nebula.

Max Out Your Engineering Duty Officer Rank, ASAP

  • Reaching DOFF Engineering Rank 3 unlocks a Blue Technician Duty Officer¬†(FED side in the DOFF store)¬†worth 3 Million EC on the Exchange.
  • Reaching DOFF Engineering Rank 4 unlocks a Purple Technician Duty Officer¬†(FED side in the DOFF store)¬†worth 18 Million EC.

Max Out Your Diplomacy Duty Officer Rank, ASAP

  • At Rank 3 you will gain temporary Diplomatic Immunity, allowing you to enter Klingon space and do the DOFF chain missions in the star clusters and nebulae – earn cross-factional DOFFS w/ enhancement abilities not found elsewhere in the game.
  • At each new rank you will gain a new Transwarp destination coordinate – super convenient for traveling.
  • Rank 2 – Starbase K7; Rank 3 – Star Base 39; Rank 4 – Deep Space

¬†B’Tran Cluster in the Gamma Orionis Sector Block

DOFF chain mission in the B’Tran cluster gives you a free blue and purple (on crit) Engineering Technician DOFF – highly desirable because they reduce all BOFF power’s cool down (these DOFFs can be stacked in your Active Space DOFF Duty Roster)¬†times by as much as 10% per DOFF.

Efficient Low vs Efficient High Engines

Low = 25 Power = =3 Points of Power = 28
High = 75 Power = 3 Points of Power =78

If your engine power setting is at 25 …
Combat Impulse Engines MK II (efficient at low power) will show an engine power setting of 28/25
Hyper Impulse Engines MK II (efficient at high power) will show an engine power setting of 25/25
If you engine power setting is at 95 …
Combat Impulse Engines MK II (efficient at low power) will show an engine power setting of 95/95
Hyper Impulse Engines MK II (efficient at high power) will show an engine power setting of 98/95


Ships Of Star Trek Online

Buy One Ship for All Your Characters of the Same Faction

  • C-Store ships ¬†can be claimed by all your toons of the same faction.
  • KDF C-Store Ships are good on all KDF Characters.
  • ROMULAN C-Store Ships are good on all ROM Characters.
  • FEDERATION C-Store Ships are good on all FED Characters.

Fleet Ships – How Are They Different from C-Store Ships?

  • Fleet Ships are better ships than C-Store Ships – they have an additional console slot, and increased shields and hull points.
  • Fleet ships can only be used by the specific toon that purchases it – they cannot be claimed by your other same faction toon’s.
  • It is a common practice for new players to buy C-Store ships first – more bang for your buck because they can claimed on multiple toons.
  • By buying one Fleet Ship Module (in the C-Store) you can buy the Fleet version of the C-Store ship.

Ship Power Levels

  • Set weapons power to full, but when in trouble switch full power to shields.

 Fleet Ship Equipment Vendors

Fleet equipment is the most powerful gear in the game and can be purchased at vendors at the Fleet Starbase, Fleet Dilithium Mine, Fleet Embassy and Fleet Spire

Weapons and Consoles

  • Make sure your Tactical Consoles match your weapon energy type.
  • Using multiple energy weapon types on your ship is very colorful, but less effective offensive-wise than using all the same energy type.


  • Most energy weapon type is better than another – they simply have different colors and colors and procs (a proc, or process, is an additional unique effect that an item/equipment/weapon has).
  • Weapon type’s include:¬†Polaron,¬†Disruptor,¬†Tetryon,¬†Phaser,¬†Anti-proton
  • There are some crafted weapons that are a bit better now.

Warp Travel

  • Travel Faster – Use the Fleet Warp Gate it goes just about everywhere.
  • Click the Transwarp¬†button on your mini map, click the Warp to Fleet Starbase button, fly over to Fleet Warp Gate, and choose your destination.
  • To receive the¬†Defera Transwarp Option, beam down to the Defera Invasion Zone one time.

 Energy Credits and the Exchange 

  • The Exchange is a place to buy and sell items using energy credits (EC).
  • Don’t discard your items from your inventory, because you will not get 50% back like you do from a Bartender.

How do I sell Master Keys on the Exchange.

  • Never sell Master Keys in stacks – separate them out individually by holding the CTRL button down before dragging the stack from one inventory slot to another.
  • Sell keys individually maximizes your EC earnings and reduces their overall selling time. ¬†***Always double check your selling price/number of zero’s, when selling items on the Exchange there is nothing worse that missing a digit and losing millions of EC

Equipment  Colors

  • CAUTION: Purple does not always mean it’s better. ¬†For example – a MK X purple Phaser Relay TAC Console increases phaser damage by 26.2% and costs 275,000 EC. ¬†However, a MK XI blue¬†Phaser Relay TAC Console also increases phaser damage by 26.2% but costs 75,000 EC.
  • White – Very Common
  • Green – Common
  • Blues-– Rare
  • Purples-– Very Rare
  • NOTE: Always compare pricing between different MK levels of equipment – lower level items can have the same or higher stats than higher level items. ¬†Some greens are the same as blues or purples.

Free 480 Dilithium Everyday

Easy EXP

  • Daily Datachip Missions found at the FED and KDF academy’s.

Free 300k-500k EC From Foundry Missions

  • Do Foundry Missions for loot everyday.
  • FED “Happy Farmer”
  • KDF “Happy Framer”
  • Click the Foundry tab, then Browse All on the left, then click the blue down pointing arrow for the search field to appear. ¬†Type in 99 and click the search button. ¬†Choose the EC Farming mission. ¬†Sit in one place and don’t move around. ¬†Fire all your weapons at one ship – its explosion will help damage surrounding ships, making it easy and quick to earn drops to sell for EC.

Fleet Loot Rule

  • Need, Greed or Pass¬†– Fleet Rule is¬†Need¬†on everything and allow the system to decide who receives the item.

Omega Primary Recommended Captain Skills

Default Skill Point Build For Energy and SCI Builds.

  1. Please note many skills are not maxed its because there no real benefit when adding more skill points.
    1. No difference in bonus when you have 6 or 9 points.
    2. Many skills adding three or 9 points is just not worth 1 more bonus point in power.
    3. Don’t want to waste points, not sure what to choose, go with our default skill layout.
    4. Note: This is for a Plasmonic Leach Build
      1. If you do not have a Plasmonic move the points from Flow Capacitors to Starships Batteries.
      2. Warning: Suggestion go ahead and use the points in Flow and buy one at a later time.


  1. You can move points from Particles Generators to Graviton Generators per your science build.
  2. This build has Particle to use with the Particle Manipulator Trait.


6. Skills 16. Skills 2