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Welcome to Omega Primary Fleet’s Teamspeak

Why should you use TeamSpeak – Click Here

Download TeamSpeak 3 at http://www.teamspeak.com/downloads

New Overlay Plugin http://ts3overlay.r-dev.de/download/ts3_overlay-v3.8.23.ts3_plugin

Volume Control Plugin (Mutes Game When People Are Talking 

Omega Primary’s Fleet TeamSpeak Server

Server = www.omegaprimary.com

Please see the in-game message of the day or open My Fleet and click on the Overview Tab for the Fleet TeamSpeak password (simply log in with a character and look at your UI box)

 -What is TeamSpeak3-
It’s a voice chat system that supports high quality voice audio, allowing fleet members to communicate with each other.

-Why Use Voice Chat-
1. Greatly improves team play, collaboration, fun and excitement.
2. A way to ask questions and get quick, detailed answers.
3. You are not very good at typing.
4. It’s free.

-What do I Need for TeamSpeak3-
1. We strongly suggest a headset with a microphone (even if you don’t have a microphone you can still join our server and listen to us – many fleet members enjoy this feature).
2. If you don’t like to talk, you can still join and listen.
***When using TeamSpeak please uphold our Code of Conduct and Core Values


TeamSpeak Setup After Installation


 1. Open TeamSpeak
 2. Click On Settings 
 3. Click on Options
3.  Select Playback 4. Play Device and pick the correct one for your setup.
6.  Select Capture
7. Capture Device and pick the correct one.



TeamSpeak Overlay Setup – See Who Is Taking In Game

1. Download The New Overlay Plugin http://ts3overlay.r-dev.de/download/ts3_overlay-v3.8.23.ts3_plugin

2. Open TeamSpeak
3. Click On Settings 
4. Click on Plugins
5.Select Check Box for TeamSpeak 3 Overlay Plugin
6. Input the Hotkey of your Choice
Example used here was = (equals)
TS In Game HuD
7. Press your  Hotkey In Game to Adjust the TS Overlay ScreenNote: You can also resize window and move it on your screen.