Tactical Bridge Officer Abilities

Tactical Bridge Officer Abilities ICON Abbreviation Power
Attack Pattern Beta Attack_Pattern_Beta_icon_(Federation) ApB/Beta Damage Resistance and Stealth Debuff
Attack Pattern Delta Attack_Pattern_Delta_icon_(Federation) ApD/Delta Buff Self/Ally Target – Debuffs Target’s Attackers
Attack Pattern Omega Attack_Pattern_Omega_icon_(Federation) ApO/Omega Damage Buff, Resistance and Control Immunity
Beam Overload Beam_Array_Overload_icon_(Federation) BO/BOL Attack Upgrade – Damage
Beam Array: Fire at Will Beam_Array_Fire_at_Will_icon_(Federation) BFaW/FAW Attack Upgrade – Multi-Target Rate of Fire
Cannon Rapid Fire Cannon_Rapid_Fire_icon_(Federation) CRF Attack Upgrade – Rate of Fire
Cannon Scatter Volley Cannon_Scatter_Volley_icon_(Federation) CSV Attack Upgrade – AoE
Dispersal Pattern Alpha Dispersal_Pattern_Alpha_icon_(Federation) DPA Attack Upgrade – Mine Trail
Dispersal Pattern Beta Dispersal_Pattern_Beta_icon_(Federation) DPB Attack Upgrade – Mine Net
Target Auxiliary Subsystems Target_Auxiliary_Subsystems_icon_(Federation) TASub Attack Upgrade – Disable Auxiliary
Target Engines Subsystems Target_Engines_Subsystems_icon_(Federation) TESub Attack Upgrade – Disable Engines
Target Shields Subsystems Target_Shields_Subsystems_icon_(Federation) TSSub Attack Upgrade – Disable Shields
Target Weapons Subsystems Target_Weapons_Subsystems_icon_(Federation) TWSub Attack Upgrade – Disable Weapons
Torpedo Spread Torpedo_Spread_icon_(Federation) TS Attack Upgrade – AoE
Torpedo: High Yield Torpedo_High_Yield_icon_(Federation) THY Attack Upgrade – Damage
Tactical Team Federation Tactical_Team_icon_(Federation) TT/TacTeam Automated Shield Distribution, Tactical Buff
Tactical Team Klingon Tactical_Team_icon_(Klingon) TT/TacTeam Automated Shield Distribution, Tactical Buff
Tactical Team Romulan Tactical_Team_icon_(Romulan) TT/TacTeam Automated Shield Distribution, Tactical Buff