Currently Not Available- Do To Ground Elites Are Disabled

These are portraits of our fleet members who have achieve excellence by completing the optionals in all twelve of the Special Task Force(STFs) missions.
Getting all optional s along with purchasing from the Omega Reputation the MACO and OMEGA Mark 12 ground sets unlocks costume style 3.
Elite STF costumes(Style 3) unlocks can be seen below in the Hall Fame portraits.

STF – M.A.C.O. and Honor Guard accolades are obtained by completing the below Special Task Force missions.

Infected: Manus
Infected: Manus (Elite)
Khitomer in Stasis
Khitomer in Stasis (Elite)
The Cure Applied
The Cure Applied (Elite)

Infected: The Conduit
Infected: The Conduit (Elite)
Khitomer Vortex
Khitomer Vortex (Elite)
The Cure Found
The Cure Found (Elite)


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