Skill Points




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Regarding the skills:

Starship Attack Patterns – Always  Three Reds, because it increases all Attack Patterns

Starship Weapon Training – Always  Three Reds,  because it improves all weapon damage.

Driver Coil – You’re not likely to be using the associated abilities.

Starship Batteries – Three Greens- to – Three Yellows

Starship Hull Repair – Three Reds

Starship Flow Capacitors – Need six Yellows or Three Reds for Plasmonic Leech and Maco Shield.

Starship Shield Emitters -Always  Three Reds,  This will buff what shield healing you can manage.

Starship Energy Weapons Always  Three Reds, – It buffs all of your beam and cannon damage.

Starship Projectile Weapons – Invest nothing

Starship Integrity – It improves your ship’s hull points, and you have precious few, so you can likely use whatever you can manage.

Starship Subsystem Repair – Repair for subsystems.

Starship Warp Core Efficiency – This will increase systems with low power. Use for beginner builds only.

Starship Maneuvers – Increases Defence, which is a huge benefit. High defence leads to enemies missing more often, and critically hitting you less.

Starship Targeting Systems – Increases Accuracy, the opposite of Defense.

Starship Electro-Plasma Systems – Helps with power management and transfers.

Starship Impulse Thrusters – Spend what you can. Increases speed and turning, which can help an Escort with quick getaways, and help

them survive since it will allow them to distribute damage across shield facings more easily. Also, speed adds to Defence.

Starship Warp Core Potential – This gives bonus to power levels, always a good thing.

Starship Graviton Generators

Starship Particle Generators

Starship Stealth – If you’re going to be PvPing and are going to buy and fly the Defiant Retrofit from the store, the one with

the cloaking device, then this can be worth a few points. Otherwise avoid it entirely.

Starship Threat Control – Avoid it like the plague unless your making a true tank. You’re too fragile for the damage resistance to matter much, and you do NOT want to

collect threat and have enemies shooting at you.

Starship Engine Performance – This will give a flat improvement to Engine power, increasing speed and turn rate.

Starship Hull Plating – This will increase damage resistance to energy weapons.

Starship Shield Performance -This will increase shield power which will increase your shields’ damage resistance,

and also their passive regeneration rate.

Starship Inertial Dampeners – You’ll be relying on Attack Patter Omega to resist holds.

Starship Sensors – You’re not likely to be using the associated abilities.

Starship Energy Weapon Specialization – This will increase your ability to critically hit with energy weapons.

Starship Projectile Weapon Specialization

Starship Armor Reinforcements – This will give you damage resistance

Starship Auxiliary Performance – This increases Aux power

Starship Weapon Performance – Enhances weapon power, which means more power to all energy weapons.

Starship Countermeasure Systems – You’re not likely to be using the associated abilities.

Starship Subspace Decompiler – You’re not likely to using the associated abilities.