Reputation Marks


Best Missions for Reputation Marks _Update Comeing Soon 

Delta Alliance Reputation Marks – Coming Soon

  1. Argala – Patrol
  2. Bug Hunt

8472 Counter Command Reputation Marks

1. Space Battle Zone Daily – Can be done Solo or do in a Group
a. Fly to the Dyson Sphere
b. Don’t fly anywhere
c. Click on “Space Battlezone Contact”
d. Click  “Go To Space Undine Battlezone”
Undine Infiltration Daily – Ground Extremely Fun
a. Open PVE Queue
b. Click and select Undine Infiltration Elite


Dyson Joint Command Reputation Marks

1. Fly to the Dyson Sphere
2. Look through available missions to find “Allied Zone (Daily).
3. It should take 3-6 minutes to do the daily.
4. Receive your daily commendation mark, repeat daily.


Nukara Strikeforce Reputation Marks

1. Crystal Catastrophe – Space
2. Open PVE Queue
4. Click and select Crystal Catastrophe Normal or Elite


Task Force Omega Reputation Marks

1. Infected: The Conduit (Elite) – Space
2. Open PVE Queue
3. Click and select Infected: The Conduit (Elite)


New Romulus Reputation Marks

New Romulus Staging Area – There is a daily mission “New Romulus Staging Area”

Epohh Tagging
Epohh Tagging Goal:
You need to get 30 Epohhs tagged each mission.
It’s a daily mission
Takes 2 minutes
Has a 20 hour cooldown
New Romulus
Location: Epohh Fields
Get Mission:
From Toreth at a tent in Epohh Fields

  • How:
    1. Travel to New Romulus
    2. Epohh Fields
    3. Type in zone chat Fed/KDF tagging please invite.
    4. Join a fleet/random team or create your own.
    5. When your Team has 3-5 players get ready.
    6. Wait for the go or until the mission counter to start.
    7. Run after and Tag all the Epohhs you can.(Goal is to get 30 Tagged)
    8. Go back to Toreth after you have 30 tagged.
    9. Turn in the mission and get 4 research tags.
    10. Look up and down in the Toreths menu and pick Doff Mission.
  • Use efficient and logical blue or purple DOFFs if you crit on the mission you will get 3 researches.
  • You don’t want to use the Science DOFFs (Biologist or Research Lab Scientist) for success on these missions as the chance for Success overrides the chance for Critical Success, thus reducing your chances of a favorable outcome. One recommendation is to get as many Very Rare (purple quality) with the Logic and Efficient traits as possible to run these missions. A successful mission will reward one (1) Epohh Research where a critical success will reward three (3).
    11. Start the DOFF mission for research tags (you need 4 Tags).
    12. Wait a day then repeat.
    13. When you have 5 researches buy a Epohh
    14. Raise the Epohh to an Elder this will require you to repeat the raising Doff Mission at the tents for 4 days.
    15. Then sell it for 400 Romulan Marks.

Tau Dewa Daily

Tau Dewa Sector Block (Daily – 55 + Daily Bonus Romulan Marks)
TAU DEWA SECTOR BLOCK (DAILY) – A few minutes of your time for a handful of Romulan Marks
The Captain of the Jamestown needs you to help them acquire either a Plasma Manifold, or a Plasma Coolant. To accomplish this task you will engage in a number of consecutive item trades with select Merchants – in the exact order specified below.
Travel to the Nequencia System in the Tau Dewa Sector Block
Contact the Jamestown and beam over their Isomagnetic EPS Conduit (most of the time you will start out with the I.EPS.C – see note below if an item other than the I.EPS.C
Trade with the Orion Merchant – Phase Compensator
Trade with the Tellarite Merchant – Plasma Infuser
Trade with the Rinketian Merchant – Power Converter
Trade with the Ferengi Merchant – Solar Energy Converter
Trade with the Kibo Cir’Box
Option A – If the Jamestown asked you to acquire a Plasma Manifold (FINAL ITEM), select it from the Kibo Cir’Box’s list.
Option B – If the Jamestown asked you to acquire Plasma Coolant, select Plasma Conversion Sensors from the Kibo Cir’Box’s list. Contact the Ferengi Merchant and trade the PCS for Plasma Coolant (FINAL ITEM).
Speak with the Jamestown and give them the requested item.
Rinse and Repeat – Exit and Reenter the Nequencia System 4 more times to complete the Tau Dewa Sector Block (Daily).

NOTE: if the Jamestown does not start you off with the Isomagnetic EPS Conduit, after beaming it over you will automatically be contacted by a merchant. Trade whatever item you have received from the Jamestown with an item that one of the other merchants, found in Step 3, 4, 5, or 6, want. Once you have done this follow the sequence of trades, as found in the above list of steps.

Example 1        The Jamestown offers you a Fiber Optic Cable. Once you beam it aboard, the Kibo Cir’Box Merchant will immediately contact you and ask to trade the FOC for something else. On their list of items is the Isomagnetic EPS Conduit – something that the Orion Merchant is interested in. Trade with the Orion Merchant for the item that places you back into the sequence of trades (Steps 3 to 8).

Example 2        If the Jamestown starts you off with Stem Bolts, follow this trading path:  Stem Bolts   ->   Beyentic – Alpha Matrix   ->   Saurian – Reaction Assembly   ->   Tellarite – Plasma Infuser   ->   Rinketian – Power Converter   ->   Ferengi – Solar Energy Converter   ->  Kibo Cri’Box – Plasma Conversion Sensor   ->   Jamestown