Plasmonic Leech

Plasmonic Leech
The Plasmonic Leech console helps with your defense and offense, and in our opinion is one of the best consoles in the game.  While shooting energy weapons at a target, those weapons drain power from all 4 of its subsystems.  That power is then added to your respective subsystems (Weapons, Shields,Engines, and Auxiliary).  The Leech will decrease target power leves by about 14 points per subsystem.

More power in each subsystem means..
1. Weapon Power – For each point over 50 it adds 2% weapons damage and caps out at 125.
2. Shields Power – At 125  power you will receive a bonus defense or a innate resistance of 35%.
3. Engine Power – Every point over fifty adds 2% to your maximum speed – you also receive a defense bonus for movement.
4. Auxiliary Power – Each point above 50 adds 2% of increased effects to Science abilities.

Where can I get the Plasmonic Leech?
Klingons and KDF Romulans
KDF Players must buy the Vandal Destroyer for 1000 Zen, and then remove its Plasmonic Leech console.  The Vandal Destroyer is a one time C-Store unlock – you buy it once and then claim it for all your Klingon and KDF allied Romulan toons.



KDF Players must buy the Vandal Destroyer to get a Plasmonic Leech




Federation and FED Romulans
Federation Only – The Console Pack – Ionized Gas Sensor/Plasmonic Leech can be purchased off the exchange or won from a Tal Shair lock box.

Found in the exchange under Reward Packs

  • :Federation Only [Console Pack – Ionized Gas Sensor /Plasmonic Leech ]


  • When Opened KDF or Klingon Allied Players Get Ionized Gas Sensor.
  • When Opened the Federation or FED Allied Players Get  Plasmonic Leech.

How to make the Plasmonic Leech work…

  • Place five-nine points in Flow Capacitors skill (the more points, the better it works)
  • Pick up one Embassy Science Console – Flow Capacitor – Decrease Threat Mk XI [-Th] [Pla]] = 20 Points of power in each subsystem
  • A second Embassy Science Console – Flow Capacitor – Decrease Threat Mk XI [-Th] [Pla]] = 23 Points of power in each subsystem
  • NOTE: While you only receive three more points of power from second console, your threat generation is significantly decreased.  ALSO, three more points can make the difference in a 125 Weapons damage bonus damage or not receiving a damage bonus because your Weapons power is 122.
  • NOTE: 28% Flow Capacitors found in the Exchange can be used until you can buy the Fleet Embassy Science Consoles.
  • NOTE:  The  Plasmonic Leech only adds power when shooting at a target – the power increases the more you fire your weapons.

Testing Your Plasmonic Leech
The power for each subsystem may vary due to use.  For example, firing your weapons drain power from weapons subsystems and therefore you power level will reflect a lower value.  The same applies to the shields, engines and auxiliary subsystems.




1. Set power to balanced by clicking on the Scales Icon on the right side of power.




2. Shoot at a target to see the increase in power levels, we often test in one-vs-one PVP match.

NOTE: Don’t forget to change your power levels back to all Power to Weapons, the first one on top left.