New Fleet Member, Welcome to Omega Primary Fleets!

New fleet member, welcome to Omega Primary Fleets!

As a new member in our great fleet, we want to make sure that your entrance is as smooth and exciting as possible.  We also want to make sure that you gain instantaneous benefits from joining us.  The purpose of this website is to help you become a smarter and more knowledgeable player by simplifying STOs game-play rules and mechanics.  WARNING : Logic and Cryptic game logic are two different things – the fleet is here to help you understand how the game works.

Here are a few important things you should immediately know about, so as to prevent you from making regrettable and in some cases financially expensive mistakes.

**Three KDF Romulans
We suggest you create KDF Romulans first as they can make more Dilithium and EC than the other factions

1. Review our Core Values and Code of Conduct – learn who we are, what we believe in, and how we expect fleet members to conduct themselves.

2. Add yourself to cross-fleets chat channel – We use this channel so both FED and KDF faction members can communicate with each other, and for fleet members to send and receive invites to fleet missions and STFs.

  • In the chat box of your UI (bottom left of your screen), type in /channel_join Omega Primary Fleets
  • Right click the chat box and select Omega Primary Fleets

3Post Up game play – Look for fleet members, in Fleet Chat and Omega Primary Fleets Chat, asking you to post up (show your interest in chat) to join group missions.

4. Bridge Officer abilities – Bridge officer skills/abilities will make or break your game play.  Our guide rates their value and usefulness from best to worst.

5. Skill and trait selection – each type of toon (game character) you create has their own set of skills and traits options.  Selecting the wrong ones will result in a squishy (easily killed) toon and starship, and that makes for miserable gameplay and costs real money to fix.  The best thing you can do is pick one of the builds below and using it as you assign your skills.

6. In-game money systems – energy credits (EC), dilithium, lobi, fleet credits and zen, are form of money that you can earn in the game.
In what normally takes the average STO game player months to earn, we can teach you how to do it in weeks.

7. Increasing your EC bank account – each one of your toon’s bank account is limited to 10 Million EC.
We strongly suggest you choose the option to increase your EC bank account limit to 1 Billion.
Many players have earned 10’s of millions of EC that did not go into their account because it was maxed out at the 10M limit.
That EC was unrecoverable – a tragedy.

8. All-around fantastic hints and tips – this webpage holds a variety of hints and tips that answer some of the most common questions new STO/fleet members ask.

9. Reaching level 50 – your toon (Federation, Klingon, Romulan) can join us in playing  the hottest, most exciting and financially valuable missions.
Starbase Fleet Store access to the highest quality and most powerful weapons, gear, starships in the game are also available at level 50 .
This is an STO restriction, not Omega Primary’s.

10. Weapons Guide and DPS – Short and Long version guides covering weapons and  how to increase your DPS.