How to take a HUD Screenshot

To take a HUD Screenshot just type the below in chat.


Default path for Screenshots.
Windows 7 = C:UsersPublicGamesCryptic StudiosStar Trek OnlineLivescreenshots
{Local path to program}Cryptic StudiosStar Trek OnlineLivescreenshots

In order to post a build in our ‘Builds’ section, we need the following screen shots:

1. Doffs – Acitive Duty Officers
2. Traits
3. Ship with weapons
4. Character with weapons
5. Your Space HUD
6. Skill point tree – please resize to get TAC, ENG and SCI points in one shot
7. Reputation Skills


Upload Screenshots in Teamspeak

1. Right Click on Help Desk
2. Open File Browser
3. Create Folder with your name
4. Open your Folder
5. Click Upload files – little green triangle pointing up.
6. Select files
7. Open.

Cally Blake