Omega Primary Fleet Gear Hierarchy Buying Guide

  • Fleet can be used until you a good reputation set like the Iconian 4 piece set.
  • Embassy Science Consoles  with Plasma Explosion are used on almost every build for the extra DPS.
  • Tactical Consoles from the Fleet Spire are still the best in the game.
  • Reputation items are now more preferred over many Fleet Items.
    • Vulnerability Locator = Critical Chance
    • Vulnerability Exploiter = Critical Severity

At Fleet Embassy

Console – Science – Power Insulator Mk XII [-Th] [Pla] – For NON Leach Builds
Console – Science – Flow Capacitor Mk XI or MK XII [EPG] – For Science exotic damage
Console – Science – Flow Capacitor Mk XI or MK XII [DrainX] – Helps the Plasmonic Leach drain more energy
You can get a MK XI Embassy Science Consoles adds +9% Plasma Energy Weapon Damage
Note: Get the Anti – Threat Consoles

At Fleet Starbase

Elite Fleet Adaptive Resilient Shield Array Mk XII [Cap]x2 [ResB] [Adapt]– Resistance to Plasma

Fleet Dilithium Mine 

Console – Engineering – Enhanced Neutronium Alloy Mk XI [+Turn]– Resistance to all and Extra Turn.

Fleet Starbase

Elite Fleet Efficient Hyper-Impulse Engines Mk XII [Spd]x2 [Turn] [Pow]– Extra 3.8 Power to all subsystems.
Fleet Starbase
Elite Fleet Axion Deflector Array MK XII [Flow] [Ins] [ENG] [SciCdr] – Little bit of the good stuff and 10% to cool downs for Science abilities.

Fleet Spire

Elite Fleet Plasma-Integrated Warp Core Mk XII [Eff] [S->W] [WCap] [AMP] [SSR] – Power, power, and more power.

Fleet Starbase

Elite Fleet Axion Deflector Array MK XII [Flow] [Ins] [ENG] [SciCdr] – Awesome Deflector with 10% extra cool down for Science Abilities.

Fleet Starbase

Fleet Weapons

Fleet Spire

Console – Tactical – Vulnerability Locator / Exploiter Mk XII