Fleet Holdings


One of the most important parts of Omega Primary Federate and Brotherhood fleets are the starbases.  Both starbases offer unique services and technologies that cannot be purchased anywhere else in the STO universe.  These special items include fleet ships, fleet weapons and equipment for both ground and space.

The key differences between what you can buy in the fleet starbase versus all other items found at vendors throughout the game are the number of variants and proc’s*that each item has, as well as an increase in its point and percentage values.  These items are classified as ADVANCED and ELITE MK XI and MK XII and can only purchase with dilithium and fleet credits.

* a proc (procedure) is a term used to describe a special effect or bonus that is activated on a piece of equipment but has a low percentage chance of occurring.


Fleet holdings is a term used to describe all the equipment that our fleet starbases hold in their different stores.  Fleet holdings also include the equipment that is found on our Dilithium Mine (accessible through the transporter pad in our fleet starbase.

Two of the big misconceptions that new fleet members have about the items available to purchase in our fleet holdings is that they automatically come with the starbase and the that they are in unlimited supply.  Incorrect!  Omega Primary fleet holdings is exactly like a grocery store.  A grocery store must first buy the items they wish to sell.  Once purchased those items are shipped to the store and then place on the selves for customer to see.  Each of the many shelves in a grocery store can only hold a certain number of items and once those items have been taken off the shelf and purchased, fewer are left.  If the grocery store does not spend money on reordering more items to restock the shelf, those items will no longer be available for consumers to purchase.

In order to fill Omega Primary Federate and Brotherhood fleet starbase holdings/stores with exciting and rare high quality equipment, the items first had to be purchased by fleet members from Cryptic/STO.  The term ‘purchased’, in this case, does not have anything to do with fleet members spending their own real world money.  The purchasing of equipment happens though the completion of ‘Fleet Provisioning Projects’.  These projects require fleet members to donate certain types of items they acquire organically, while playing the game.  These items include fleet credits, data samples, isotopes, DOFFs, dilithium, as well as many other common LOOT drop items gained from winning battles.

To help contribute to fleet provisioning projects and stock the store with unique and powerful equipment, click the Fleet button bottom right of your mini-map.  On the fleet holdings page that pops up, click the “Holdings’ tab (2nd from left at the top of the pop-up).  Now, on the left side of the holdings page you will now see 4 tabs – Dilithium Mine, Spire, Embassy and Starbase.  By clicking on each tab you will bring up the related projects a little to the right (red, green and yellow tabs).  Clicking on each of those coloured tabs will show you which items (on the right) that project requires, in order to be filled completely.  Click on the ‘contribute’ button to donate the items you have in inventory and in return you will receive fleet credits that you can use to buy fleet starships and equipment.

As a note of pride, Omega Primary fleets have one of the few most well stocked holdings of all fleets found in STO.  This is a direct result of the dedication, interest and desire that our fleet members have in being the best and most well equipped players in the game.