Fastest and Best Ways To Make Dilithium

  1. Space Crystal Catastrophe
  2. Space Red Alerts
  3. Ground Brother Hood of the Sword
  4. Ground
  5. Space Infected Advanced
  6. Space Cure Found
  7. Dyson Ground 15K in 20 Minutes.

Dilithium Other Tips
a. You can only refine 8k on any character a day, however you can refine more on your account by running the STFs with multiple characters.
2. Academy Lore mission and you can find the answers at http://www.omegaprimary.com/lore/
3. Buy Dilithium with ZEN.
4. Events have 50K in rewards participate all 14 days.



7. Run RED Alerts for Marks and Dilithium.

Dilithium Transfer

You can transfer dilithium from one character to another by following these steps.

1. Open your Inventory
2. Select Assets
3. Click on Dilithium Exchange
4. Select Sell Dilithium
5. Enter in the second field or dilithium amount 25
6. The bottom field enter the amount you wish to transfer.
7. Check that the middle field is still 25.
8. Hit submit
9. Change characters
10. In the right pane click cancel
11. The click the withdrawal and all button.

Dilithium VIP Claims

Dilithium Mining Claim]


    1. Try using your arrow keys and not a mouse to reach 700 points for the maxim payout.
    2. Hold on to them for Dilithium events then pay 10K instead of 5K.
    3. Can be transferred by account bank to other character on the same account.
    4. Press and HOLD CTRL, Select a drag a stack, it will prompt you for the quantity to move.



Omega Primary KDF Farming Guide

Ever wonder how people have several lock box ships, Fleet Ships, and ETC.
They make Energy Credits by farming, farming is using alternate characters in the game  to gather resources.

Romulan KDF Allied Characters
Romulan KDF Allied characters can pick up double duty officers missions at New Romulus and at the KDF Academy.
Romulans also get a chance to earn Superior Romulan Operatives while leveling up, they can be worth 10 Millions EC.
They also can do all of the below KDF Marauding missions..

Romulan Bridge Officers
New Officers – Alway pick when possible Superior Romulan Operative
Order in Value

KDF  Farming
1. Recruits start out with three character slots.
2 . Use one character as your main to play the  level fifty missions and do join the fleet teams before  grouping with random players.
3. With the other free characters slots ,create Romulans then at level 10 you must select Klingon Defense Force (KDF).
4. Level them up until you reach lvl 11 so you get your first compliment of Duty Officers.
5. Visit the Command Center on New Romulus goto the The Planetary Data Center room.
6. There a console in the room that gives you free Duty officers.
7. Go to the KDF academy on Qo’nos to pick up extra duty officers.
8. Outside there is a Orion, Nausicaan, and  Gorn outside and inside talk to the  imperial officer who will  give several duty officer missions for free DOFFS.

Marauding = Dilithium Farming

1. Check out each of the sectors in space to get all  the possible marauding missions

Contraband is available with a high chance from the following assignments:

      •  Assignment: Inspect Civilian Freighter – (1 Success / 5 Crit)
      •  Assignment: Barter Gold-Pressed Latinum for Contraband – (2 Success / 3 Crit)
      •  Assignment: Confiscate Contraband From Crew – (1 Success / 2 Crit)
      •  Assignment: Strike Against Fugitive Support Network – (2 Success / 3 Crit)
      •  Assignment: Disable Freighter – (1)
      •  Assignment: Intimidate Unaligned System – (2)
      •  Assignment: Scavenge Battle Wreckage from Skirmish – (1)
      •  Assignment: Investigate Illegal Gambling – (2)

2. The best route is as follows:

Toon Level 11-19
Tau Dewa: start on New Romulus access the DOff tabs as described above, select available mssions then head to Sector Space and look again for any available missions. Once completed transwarp to Qo ‘Nos and do the same thing: planet > Sector Space (You will need to transwarp to Qo’Nos as you will not have access to Pi Canis until you are level 20).

Once Level 20 is obtained you are able to access all but Sirius Sector (which will become accessible once Marauder Level 3 is reached); use the following route:

1. Omega Leonis
2. Pi Canis
3. Tau Dewa
4. Psi Valorum
5. Alpha Centauri
6. Regulas
7. Eti Eradani
8. Orellus
9. Beta Ursae
10. Zeta Andromeda
11. Sirius (Marauder Level 3)

3. Once you have acquired five contrabands  turn them into a security officer for a 2000 dilithium duty officer mission.

Klingon Security Officers can be found at the following locations:

      • Inside the Council Chambers of the Great Hall in First City
      • In the central area of Ganalda Station.
      • The Promenade replimat near exchange entrance on Deep Space 9
      • The Tactical floor of the Fleet Starbase.

Warning do not sell contraband on the exchange.

Contraband Math Dilithium VS Energy Credits

      • 5 Contraband = 2000 dil
      • 8 (8 X 40) Contraband Missions = 16000 dil = 125 ZEN = 1 key sells for  1,900,000 million EC on the exchange.
      • 1 Contraband = 42,000 Energy Credits
      • 40 Contraband = 1,680,000 million EC
      • Dilithium path = Almost 300k more in energy credits

Special Task Force (STF) Farming – Hourly

At level fifty you can do the STF missions,which can get you 960 dilithium in each mission.

Randomly you can get Omega Marks and Borg Neural Processors

      • 50 Marks = 500 Dilithium
      • 5 Borg Neural Processors =1000 Dilithium

 Its possible to get 3960 Dilithium for one STF.

      • Mission = 960 for the mission
      • 100 omega marks = 1000 Dilithium
      • 10 Borg Neural Processors = 2000 Dilithium

STF Elite Missions – Hourly

      • “Infected: The Conduit”
      • “The Cure Found”
      • “Khitomer Vortex”

We  strongly suggest, that you use Teamspeak before you start out doing STF missions.
Teamspeak is invaluable when it comes to communication and co-ordination on any of the team missions.
When joining it,you will be very glad you did as what’s better a mission with the fleet or a random person who most likely doesn’t know what to do.
The Fleet Teams usually do the STFs usually in record times, this means you can do more every day.
The Fleet Teams take anyone at any level.

Four Empire Defense (Daily) Missions each rewards 1440 Dilithium

      • Empire Defense – Borg – T’Kannis  Nebula – B’moth Sector = 1440 Dilithium
      • Empire Defense – Federation – Kahless Expanse – Qo’nos Sector = 1440 Dilithium
      • Empire Defense – Cardassians – ChoS Nebula – B’moth Sector = 1440 Dilithium
      • Empire Defense – Romulans – Yan Nebula – B’moth Sector = 1440 Dilithium

Pi Canis (Daily) = Path of the Warrior – Level 6 Mission- 4320 Dilithium

      • Pi Canis – Path of the Warrior -2400 Dilithium (Must Get The Optional Objectives)
        • “Pi Canis Sortie Alpha” – Optional 960 Dilithium
          • “Kern Optional Objective”
          • “Maiewski Optional Objective”
          • “Ceron Optional Objective”
        • “Pi Canis Sortie Bravo” – Optional 960 Dilithium
          • “Eriksson Optional Objective”
          • “Kalferi Optional Objective”
          • “Transport Raid Optional Objective”

Aiding the Deferi (Daily) = 1440 Dilithium

Hail Ambassador Surah to collect this mission.

  • You will need to travel to the Orellius Sector Block to begin.
  • You will then need to enter the Kelvani Belt and blow up some Breen Chel Grett Warship and Plesh Brek Frigate, pretty easy
  • Next enter Deferi Outpost 3, you will need to search and scan 5 freighters which are guarded by Chel Grett’s & Plesh Brek’s. Return to the outpost once you have found all 5 freighters.
  • For Deferi Patrols search for deferi patrol ship in sector space near/around Defera System located just below the outpost, help the Deferi to blow up 5 groups of Chel Grett’s & Plesh Brek’s.
  • Once completed speak to the Ambassador Surah

Academy Lore Mission (Daily) = 480 Dilithium 

Lore Mission answers can be found at http://www.omegaprimary.com/lore/