Core Values

Core Values define who Omega Primary is and what we are not.  They define boundaries of what actions and behaviors are acceptable and which ones are not, they hold us accountable as individuals and as a group, and they guide every decision we make.  It is through our belief in, and application of, our Core Values that our great reputation and constant growth, is built.

Our Core Values are not words and concepts that we toss around lightly, or pay homage to through empty lip service.  They are not words that we simply chose at random, without thought and consideration.  Omega Primary’s Core Values, representing both Federate and Brotherhood fleets, were carefully crafted by Fleet Management and Command.  They were developed from years of accumulated knowledge, experience and mistake making – gained not just from the universe of STO, but also from numerous other fleet and guild based MMOs.

 Core Values

Teamwork          Conscientiousness          Individualism          Open Dialogue

Courtesy          Fun and Excitement          Positive Attitude          Accountability

 “That’s great but do you really believe in your Core Values?”

GREAT QUESTION!  And one that everyone should ask when joining a fleet, especially since a.) a shocking number consist of high ranked and experienced players who allow or promote unethical and inappropriate behaviors – like taking monetary advantage of new recruits and making them feel inadequate because they are an STO ‘newbie’, and b.) a shocking number of fleets have such a high turnover rate for new members because Management and Command does nothing to curb the negative attitudes and behaviors of its more experienced players.  Good people end up hating the fleet, or worse the game, and end up leaving both.

Here is a list of some of the most common and problematic issues found in typical fleets.  Ones that Omega Primary’s Core Values have helped recognize and minimize, or prevent altogether:

  1. You will never be charged a fee for fleet membership.
  2. We do not tolerate individuals with elitist attitudes, who imply or outright state that fleet members [should/must] invest in higher cost weapons and gear.  Not everyone has the same spending power and nor do they have the same interests when playing STO – Management and Command is just fine with that.
  3. We do not tolerate individuals with elitist attitudes who [do not allow/make negative comments about] other fleet members joining their team because a.) they are not as good of a player, or b.) because their weaker and less expensive weapons and gear slows the team down and reduces end-of-mission rewards.  We don’t leave anyone behind, ever.  If you want into a team and mission, you’re in!
  4. We do not tolerate fleet members who create negative environments by constantly bashing STO and its developers for ‘bug’, ‘fix’ and ‘content’ matters.  This constant (opinion based) commentary incites negative feelings and attitudes about playing STO and being part of a fleet.  It diminishes group excitability and fun, and insults those fleet members who are happy with all things great about STO.  These type of (opinion based) conversations, and anyone who wants to join in them should go to our “Quark’s Bar” Team Speak channel – a perfect open dialogue and free speech place.
  5. We do not tolerate people communicating that DPS (damage per second) is a.) the all-important, end-all and be-all of playing STO, b.) the key/main reason for being a fleet member and c.) that everyone in the fleet should play with the same mentality.  This is elitist-type behavior.  Pushing these ideas onto new, as well as more experienced, players causes feelings of insecurity, inadequacy and ineffectiveness – they feel that they don’t belong in the fleet or that they will never really become a respected member in the fleet because their interests and mentality is not strictly DPS focused.  All they want is to have fun and experiment with toons, ships weapons and gear – which is all Omega Primary Management and Command could ever ask for!
  6. Fleet Management and Command who refuse to recognize and address Core Values and Code of Conduct matters, or who violate them, will be demoted with the possibility of facing Extraordinary Measures Action.

Omega Primary Fleet Command