Space Bridge Officer Ability Hierarchy Chart

Top are more preferred than the skills at the bottom.

Basically the abilities at the bottom of each list do not help you survive or do more damage like the top ones.

Engineering Bridge Officer Abilities

  1. Emergency Power to Shields – Use Two Copies –  Keep This Ability Running All The Time
  2. Auxiliary to Battery –  Use Two Copies –  Keep This Ability Running All The Time –
  3. Auxiliary to Battery – Must Have Three Blues or Purples Technician Duty Officers To Make It Work.
  4. Emergency Power to Weapons – good for builds that don’t have leach
  5. Reverse Shield Polarity – Must have for tanks
  6. Directed Energy Modulation
  7. Emergency Power to Auxiliary
  8. Engineering Team
  9. Emergency Power to Engines
  10. Auxiliary to Dampeners
  11. Auxiliary to Structural
  12. Boarding Party
  13. Extend Shields
  14. Aceton Beam
  15. Eject Warp Plasma

Science Bridge Officers

  1. Science Team
  2. Hazard Emitters – Must have – Needed Most To Clean Plasma Fire
  3. Transfer Shield Strength
  4. Polarize Hull
  5. Gravity Well
  6. Tyken’s Rift
  7. Energy Siphon
  8. Tractor Beam Repulsors
  9. Tractor Beam
  10. Feedback Pulse
  11. Jam Sensors
  12. Mask Energy Signature
  13. Charged Particle Burst
  14. Photonic Officer
  15. Tachyon Beam
  16. Scramble Sensors
  17. Photonic Shockwave
  18. Viral Matrix

Tactical Bridge Officers


Must Have 

  1. Tactical Team –  Use Two Copies –  Keep This Ability Running All The Time

Attack Patterns – Must have one or two patterns 

  1. Attack Pattern Omega – Good for DPS  Plus Has An Escape From Holds Ability
  2. Attack Pattern Beta – Increases Damage
  3. Attack Pattern Delta – Helps Protect You From Damage If Your Getting Shot At Often – Better For High DPS(7-8K) Escorts

Beam Attack

  1. Beam Array: Fire at Will

Cannon Attacks

  1. Cannon: Scatter Volley – High DPS  – Really good against many targets. Will attached agro/attacks from multiple targets.
  2. Cannon: Rapid Fire – High DPS against one target .

Torpedo Attacks

  1. Torpedo: Spread
  2. Torpedo: High Yield

Mine Attacks

  1. Dispersal Pattern Alpha
  2. Dispersal Pattern Beta

Use for Fun 

Target Weapons Subsystems
Target Engines Subsystems
Target Shields Subsystems
Target Auxiliary Subsystems
Beam Array: Overload