Auxiliary to Battery Guide

What is Auxiliary to Battery

  1. Auxiliary to Battery is an Engineering bridge officer ability available at the Lt. and LtC. level.
  2. Its used to boost Weapon, Shield and Engine Power.
  3. Power levels are boosted immediately without regard to power transfer rate
  4. Auxiliary power is drain and transferred to the other three subsystems
  5. Multiple copies should be used to receive the full benefits.


  • Having more power in Weapons, Shields and Engines is
  • More DPS Weapons with a power level of 125 receive when fired a damage bonus
  • Tanky with more  Shield power level will be much higher giving you more defense
  • Move quicker with Engine power levels with more power provide  more maneuverability.
  • Note you do get defense bonus for movement.

What you need

  1. Two copies of Auxiliary to Battery One, highly recommend only use a Lieutenant.
    1. We think that’s its better use emergency power to weapons  in a Lieutenant Commander spot.
  2. You need three Technician Duty Officers, to reduce the times between cooldowns.

Technician Duty Officers Colors = Reduction in time to Bridge Officer Abilities

  • White  4% – Reduction in recharge time on Bridge Officer abilities
  • Green 6% – Reduction in recharge time on Bridge Officer abilities
  • Blue  8% – Reduction in recharge time on Bridge Officer  abilities
  • Purple 10 %  – Reduction in recharge time on Bridge Officer  abilities

Where to get Technician Duty Officers

—Federation & Federation Romulans Players Only—

Max out Engineering Duty Commendation System (Its part of the Duty Officer System)

  • Blue Technician Duty Officer is unlocked at Rank Three
  • Purple Technician Duty Officer is unlocked at Rank Four

B’Tran Assignment Duty officer Chain

Federation, Klingons, and Romulans can all do the B’Tran Doff Chain

There are 7 assignments in this chain.

  1. Colonial Site Surveying
  2. Establish Additional Forward Base
  3. Establish Additional First-In Colonies
  4. Fortify Additional Colonies
  5. Transport Additional Settlers
  6. Establish Additional Military Bases
  7. Renown Will ALWAYS reward one bound blue doff.”

After Renown  you can do two repeatable duty officer missions for  another Technician Duty officer, color depends on  mission success.

  • Support Colonization Efforts – Depending success will reward white, green, blue, or purple
  • Support Expansion Efforts  – Depending success will reward white, green, blue, or purple

How to use Auxiliary to Battery

  1. Use Bridge Officer Abilities
  2. Press Auxiliary to Battery
  3. Keep using Auxiliary to Battery after using any Bridge Officer abilities
  4. Bridge Officer abilities with longer cooldowns will reduced after multiple uses of Auxiliary to Battery.
  5. Its recommended to put both copies of AUX2BAT on your Spacebar keybind to keep it running all the time.
  6. Note: Click Here for Omega Primary’s Easy Keybind Guide 

Purple Technician Duty Officer – Math Examples

  • A2B is itself affected by the Tech doffs, so 1 copy will have a cooldown of 28 seconds instead of 40
  • Cannon Scatter Volley – Beam Fire At Will – Tactical Team = 30 Second Cool Down  |  Will Reduce To  21 Seconds
  • Hazard Emitters – / Transfer Shields  = 45 Second Cool Down  |  Will Reduce to 31.5 Seconds
  • Reverse Shield Polarity  = 120 Second Cool Down  |  Will Reduce to 84 Seconds