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Omega Primary recruiting!  Join one of the oldest fleets and be part of a large armada!  Unlimited access to fleet stores! 

Omega Primary News
Recent Fleet Actions Screenshots are updated weekly.
Added STF Hall Of Fame Portrait Gallery of Excellence

Omega Primary Fleets
Omega Primary is our strong and active Federation Fleet.
Omega Primary Brotherhood is our thriving and very successfully Klingon Defense Force Fleet.

Combined Efforts
Both act as one giant fleet with efforts coordinated by the entire Multi-Fleet Management Team.
Fleet members switch between toons on both fleet rosters, taking  advantage of the benefits gained from being a member of both factions.
Omega Primary’s strength and growth comes from our fleet members playing in both fleets.
A large part of our success can be attributed to good communication using  TeamSpeak voice chat.
Fleet members have more fun when they work in Fleet Teams with other players on TeamSpeak.

Join Omega Primary Fleets Now!
Type /channel_join Omega Primary Fleets in any UI chat window.
To Join Omega Primary Federation: Type – Fed Invite in “Omega Primary Fleets” Chat
To Join Omega Primary Brotherhood: Type – KDF Invite in “Omega Primary Fleets” Chat

Fleet Daily Activities Coordinated Via TeamSpeak

  • STF Missions (Normal and Elite) to acquire Dilithium, Omega Marks, Rare & Very Rare Items
  • Defera Invasion Zone – for Fleet Marks
  • Energy Credit Foundry Missions
  • Various Reputation Mark Missions
  • Character skill and Ship building
  • Starbase Contributions
  • Character Leveling
  • Sharing Tips and Tricks
  • Making new friends
  • Upholding our Core Values
  • Fleet Store access for all

Fleet Command

  • Cally Blake – Founder & Head of Fleet Command
  • Mistress  -Head of Fleet Omega Primary Federation
  • Mistress – Head of Fleet Omega Primary Brotherhood Klingon Defense Force
  • CyberPunk – Fleet Leader Omega Primary Brotherhood Klingon Defense Force/ Project Manager
  • Nareson – Fleet Leader Omega Primary Brotherhood Klingon Defense Force/ Project Manager
  • Calyx- Fleet Leader FED Omega Primary Federation / Project Manager
  • Stuart- Fleet Leader FED Omega Primary Federation / Project Manager
  • Vendetta – Fleet Officer / Project Manager
  • Dynacel – Fleet Officer / Project Manager

Star Trek Online Game Email 

  • Omega Primary Federation: Omegaprimary@Omegaprimary01
  • Omega Primary Brotherhood: OmegaprimaryKDF@Omegaprimary01

Fleet Email Account

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